Massage Therapy

Coming Soon – CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY – Jan 2021

How would a massage help my horse?

  • Increase Circulation
  • Reduce Tension
  • Extend Range of Motion
  • Enhance Fluidity
  • Improve Disposition

Really? How does a massage help all of those things?

Massage uses myofascial release to help remove the buildup of lactic acid within the muscles. Another name for myofascial release is trigger point therapy. There are common places, trigger points, on every equine where they store the buildup of lactic acid. The massage sequence I go through with each horse releases the buildup of lactic acid within the muscles.

Lactic acid acts as a glue in the fascia, holding the muscle tense and tight. The tightness inhibits blood flow throughout the muscle, and decrease your horse’s natural range of motion. Tight muscles do not work half as well as loose muscles, and tight muscles hurt! I would be crabby too if I felt sore and was asked to do things. 

So, does MY horse need a massage?

I believe every horse can benefit from massage. Most customers find a massage therapist when they notice a recurring issue with their horse. This issue is enough for the owner to believe there might be an issue, but not to the point of a vet call. These issues include: 

  • Some difficulty bending, or doing other movements, under saddle
  • Overall stiffness and inflexibility
  • Poor attitude not explained by a medical issue  or environment
  • General discomfort to grooming or petting
  • Crookedness on the ground and/or under saddle

Bottom line is, you know your horse. You may have this small feeling that something isn’t quite perfect. It may be a slight hesitation going a certain movement, or that their difficult side has plateaued to just “okay”. You give them regular farrier work, their diet is 100 times better than yours, the vet and chiropractor say they are healthy and looking good, but….there’s a small part of you that says you two could be even better. 

THAT is when to call me. 


I understand choosing a supportive therapy to help your horse can be overwhelming. Please contact me with any questions and I can help determine which modalities will best help your horse.

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