Coming Soon – CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY – Jan 2021

Lakeside Equine is offering two different levels of full body stretching to further meet the needs of my clients. Stretching, as a complement to a massage or as its own treatment, is very beneficial to your horse. Benefits include:

  • Increased Range of Motion
  • Improved Posture
  • Reduced Tension
  • Injury Prevention

Topline Stretch

This stretching sequence is designed to complement the full body massage. Its goal is to increase range of motion and improve posture through the entire topline, from ears to tail. This sequence is available as an add-on to the full body massage.

Price: + $25

Full Body Stretch

This sequence is designed to support the competitive equine before and after competitions. Its goal is to increase range of motion and posture before events as well as reduce tension and support injury prevention after events. This sequence is available as a stand-alone treatment, or integrated with a full body massage.

Stand-Alone Price: $60

Integrated Price: $110

This sequence is also available at shows, to help set your horse up for success every time they step into the ring during the show. This sequence could mean the difference between First and Second place, and also be the difference between scratching the last class and having enough horse to finish out the day.

Price: varies – contact me to set up show stretching

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Testimonial Time!

This is Bix, my personal horse. She receives some bodywork from me almost every time I work with her, as she thrives on regular bodywork. Recently she received my full integrated bodywork experience, which was the full body massage and full body stretching combination. Her overwhelming response was how much she appreciated the integrated technique. The photographs below show the changes in her body before, after the stretching session, and after the massage.

Bodywork Change

The difference, to me, is huge. You can see her posture and balance improve between the before and stretching photos. You can also see her balance continue to improve between the stretching and massage photos. In the end, she had a leg balanced in each corner, putting an even amount of weight on each leg, along with straightening out her ribcage and neck. She was also a much happier horse after this entire session was complete, as her expression shows. For anyone that knows her, she is the MOST opinionated horse they have ever met. Her approval of the integrated technique was crucial in my decision to offer this additional service.

Don’t you want this kind of change in your own horse? Contact me today to set up an appointment!

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